Kaci was a very reactive dog. Her owners had a difficult time handling her and her aggressiveness towards other dogs when going for a walk. Now they are able to take her on walks and not worry about her being reactive and looking for trouble. 




Dan is outstanding, and he brought out the best qualities in our dog Tipsy, rather than just working on compliance. He would often say that "She [Tipsy] needs to make the decision." He knows you need to train the owners too, and was patient in his explanations and assigning homework.

No dog is perfect in all situations, but we've seen remarkable changes in our spirited and energetic puppy's behavior. Before training she would jump on people, counter-surf, charge in and out of the door, pick up shoes and not let go, not come when called, pull on the leash when walking. She has much better impulse control now and he has fixed those behaviors.

No dog (or owner) is perfect, but the improvement is dramatic and we highly recommend Dan (and his assistant Tank).

-Brian & AnnMarie



Dan was extremely helpful when we got our new puppy. He was very patient and not only worked with Pippa but also worked with everyone in our family. Amazing experience!!




Dan was great working with my two puppies! Patient, kind and encouraging to my family and dogs!




Dan was very timely and knowledgeable. He helped us to make noticeable changes in the behaviors of our two puppies. I strongly recommended PRT to anybody who is looking to teach their dogs new things.